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>For a few days, I have been dealing with a scratchy throat and some headaches. Just yesterday, it stormed the beach head of my person and now, it’s official…I have the flu! The sore throat won’t go away and I hacked so much last night it kept me awake and now my throat is also inflamed. So far, the last 48hrs yielded 3 hours of sleep(if you can call it that). This sucks prong…BIG TIME!!! Despite this, I will still go to school tomorrow. What’s worse is that I have a test on Wednesday. The only solace I can take right now is that at least it took as long as it did for me to get this crap.

One other thing that actually perks me up is this: My last post covered a most heinous act of cowardice on B.P.’s blog. The response I have been getting from this is putting a big smile on my crusty face, but let’s not forget what this is all about and it’s definitely not me, it’s about the passing of a good woman that was clearly adored by the family. Thanks to everyone who posted their .02 on this, it makes me feel good despite my condition. The more I thought about it(after I made the post), the more I realized that this blog was the appropriate venue to say something. I may pick at a few of you from time to time, but what I won’t do is do what that anonymous asshole did to one of my circle. Jim and John, thank you especially for your input, that means a lot to me as I wasn’t quite sure if I breached some protocol there.

P.S. Don’t you guys think that for one minute I’m going soft, it ain’t gonna happen. Keep in mind, I’m under a lot of medication right now and sometimes it gets me all mellow. Speaking of which, it’s time for me to get a few shots of Jagermeister’s bastard cousin(NyQuil). Good night, all!


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>It’s a terrible thing to loose someone you love. So, when something nice, eloquent, tasteful and respectful is posted about that person, it’s always a good idea to simply let someone know you are deeply sorrowful for their loss. However, this fuctard who posted anonymously over at Busplunge, just had to offer the following dumbass and tactless message:

“Why are you posting such personal things about your Mother on the internet? Does the rest of your family know that you are violating your Mother’s privacy? It’s one thing to list cause of death, etc but to post all that other unnecessary information looks like a pathetic attempt to get attention. Shame on you, bus plunge. You’ve gone over the edge.”

(I wouldn’t do this on Jim’s blog, so that’s why I’m doing it here.)First off, you piece of shit, I feel as though I’m clearly violating the 1st commandment of my blog for having to address this. Second, if you had any balls, you’d sign your post in some fashion so that way, if you know that what you’re saying is contrary to the post, you should take responsibility in reaping all of those responses who would like to respond to your inane babbling. Lastly, I would like to know what made you think that this was a good idea? A couple hundred or thousand dollar computer being operated by a 2 cent brain. Way to go dumbass!

Edit: For those of you who post anonymous and contribute positively, thanks for being positive and this by all means does not reflect my feelings toward you.

End rant

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It’s “Blow me Friday”. I’d like to start by telling Reliable Subaru to Blow me for a $500+ estimate on a TGV sensor replacement and service. I still may try to tackle this myself, it’s just a bitch to get to and much worse than the O2 sensor I replaced a month or so ago. Part alone costing $233 and yet used units go for $25…Vaseline available upon request. Sounds like a good sign to put over their service bay entrance.

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>What?!?!? What did I say? Anyway, Tata motors has just bought Jaguar and Land Rover for $2.3 billion. Tatas are based in India and they’re pretty big. After looking at some pictures of other Tatas, I became intrigued to say the least. I noticed that they’re very round for the design. Tatas range in size as some of you already know and I can’t believe the range of these Tatas. Tatas are also inexpensive as they start around $2500! Wow! That’s enough to get any one’s attention. So now I just wanna be shown more Tatas as I just want to see just how many Tatas I can try. They don’t make bras for Tatas yet(I’ve checked), but who cares? I’m sure accessories will follow soon. With the fact that they have a great design, they’re cheap and have great appeal, Tatas are a force to be reckoned with. Behold the power of Tatas! So far from what I’ve seen, I’m partial to the full size Tatas. I hope someday there will be Tatas all over the place to the point you can’t escape them, perhaps in a perfect world. If you guys just give Tatas a chance, I’m sure they’ll grow on you. But don’t just take my word for it, check out Tatas yourself. Here’s a link so you can see all the Tatas you want. Look ’til you go blind. Ladies, don’t forget to share your Tatas. I’ve always lived by the “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” rule, so it’s only fair and if you do, I’ll take pictures. Look at me, I’m already smitten with Tatas. Thus, I wanna get my hands on some Tatas!

Seriously though, When most of your line consists of 50MPG cars that run around $2500, it gives the buying public something to grab on to and sink they’re teeth into…oh crap, here we go again.

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>When being an attention whore isn’t enough, there’s this. You can actually have fake paparazzi follow you around and make you feel special, awwwwww, how precious. Enabling at it’s absolute worst. This is why people have such fragile egos now a days. How stupid is this? My IQ dropped 5 points by just being made aware of this dumbass service. I don’t care about celebrities and anyone who closely watches this kind of activity like TMZ, ought to have their head examined. Do you day dream so much and envy others so much that you must make yourself so close to the buzz activity to make this acceptable behavior? If I ever see a celebrity(and I have actually seen a few) I wouldn’t dare ask for an autograph! Why? Asking for an autograph is just another way of saying, “You are more worthy of a person than me. You’re a bigger person than me.” That is HORSE SHIT! No one is above me, nor is anyone beneath me. I would sooner be strained through a chain link fence than be a part of this inane behavior. Grow up you daydreaming phonies!

…and take those phony photographers with your sorry ass.

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>No, not the Motley Crue tune but something else that has me extremely disappointed. Recently, I found myself somewhat stabbed in the back and I’m not going to mention names because I am hoping for a change in these individuals behaviors. I really hate it when someone who warms up to me, to then later, show tendencies of the 2 faced way of doing business that I saw while living in Arkansas and thus, the same old situation. I left Arkansas because I was tired of people saying nice things to my face, only to later find out from a leak in their little loop of what was said about me. for me, what you see is what you get. If I have a problem in any way, shape or form with someone, it WILL come out and not behind their back. I am so sick of this kind of mentality that I am currently looking elsewhere to reside as clearly my way is not the way here. Perhaps I am blowing this out of proportion or perhaps in my hopes that S.W. Missouri would be different, that I was conveniently blind. Either way, I have lost some respect for these individuals and it really saddens me. I guess I could hope that maybe that these individuals will see this and make an about face in their ways, but I seriously doubt it. This has me so frustrated, angry, and disheartened that I just want to bite a railroad spike in half. For someone to have such clout and to be thought of as a great persons within their realm, makes this even worse. I hate being treated like some dolt, as I have many professors who will take exception to that. I can’t remember the last time I was out smarted by these types of individuals, but I can say that I was out dumbed many times.

For what it’s worth, I know that people are just people and changing my location won’t change much for the situation, but then again, it probably will. I lived in the Pacific Northwest area for a while and this kind of mentality just does not exist there. So far, the feelers are out and I am researching my options.

This is just a very unorganized rant, I just wish that those who are currently on my shit list will quickly get themselves off if only they would read this and take it seriously. I believe that if I shit in my right hand and wished for what I want in the left, that I am sure which hand will get filled first. I will not be testing this theory.

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>That Ain’t Right!

It’s that time again. I’m still hung up on the lack of good vehicle choices these days and will probably be seething over it over the weekend.

As an added bonus, I got my notification that I too will be a richer resident of the United States as the IRS, in it’s infinite wisdom, spent $42 million just to tell us all the same thing we’ve been hearing over the air waves. May the IRS sucketh upon a hardened penile unit over this waste of time AND money.

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