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>That was the name Yahoo gave to their story on the front page this morning. I read it and just rolled my eyes. How is it that these are so called “regrets”? I give some examples:

1. Sharon Stone’s comment on China. Did she really say that with malice and intent? How many of you out there actually thought the same thing to yourself with all that was going on. The simple fact that even if a similar passing thought went though your mind puts you in the same boat as her. Yes, a lot of innocent people were killed, but as passionate as Sharon Stone is about certain hot button issues, it just kind of boiled over and slipped out. When I heard it, I really didn’t think it was such a big deal. Am I insensitive or just not super sensitive like some people who just have a dire need to be outraged over someone in the spotlight saying something scandalous. Face it, a lot of people have that need to be outraged over something…anything! I ain’t one of ’em, I have a life.

2. Hillary Clinton’s remark about Obama and RFK. BIG DEAL! She made a comparison and it happened to be during the same time Teddy was in the hospital, boo hoo. Again, this was over hyped and given to a public who needed to be outraged over something…anything!

3. Rachael Ray…is this even a controversy??? What in THE Hell people? Leave my girl alone let the ad air and go buy some doughnuts. NOBODY owes anyone an apology over this matter, except those who made a big deal over it. There were a lot of people coming out on TV and in news stories showing their outrage that she wore a symbol of oppression…yeah, as we all know, that’s what Rachael Ray is all about…OPPRESSION! Get over it, it’s a scarf. If Vladimir Putin starts wearing Dale Jr. T-shirts, does that mean Jr. will be a symbol of tyranny? Just another example of people who need to be outraged over something…ANYTHING!(Do you see a trend here?)

Intent is the key thing here and not one of those mentioned had an intent to do harm to anyone or anything. To me this is nonsense and drivel. Anyone who saw any of these people as being worthy of scorn ought to be ashamed of themselves for being the super sensitive boob that they truly are. I am soooo tired of a trigger happy media putting out these kinds of stories then following them up with talkshow segments so they can analyze them over and over and find some hidden meaning. This week I say piss on the media and by all means…GET OVER IT!!!


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Like I really needed to tell you that? With the economy the way it is and prices across the board soaring, theft of all kinds are at an all time high. For instance, fuel tanks are being raided in more ways than one. They’re either puncturing the tank and draining the gas or they’ll simply siphon your unlocked tank. When you think about it, it’s really a dumb move if you create a spark while drilling or puncturing. For those or you that don’t have one, I think now would be a good time to get one. Mine is behind a locked door and the alarm goes off if you try prying it, so I’m somewhat covered. This is something beyond worth complaining about, however, when I hear about the big honkin’ S.U.V.’s get taken for the gas, my first instinct is…”Oh well, serves ya right for driving a land barge.” Either way you look at it, it’s just wrong.

Another thing, catalytic converters are also on rise for theft. That crazy chica Tysgirl knows all too well of what I mean. Also, drive offs are on the rise big time and on a related note, used cooking oil is being raided at restaurants. So would these be “green criminals”?

The way i see it, thefts being reported may be adding to the hype and hysteria that either leads to this kind of behavior or maybe just more stories like the ones provided. I’ll end this with a word of wisdom that I gave to someone at a clothing store I used to work at when we were talking about people stealing stuff:

“There’s nothing in this store that is worth my reputation, what’s yours worth?”

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Try this one out: You’re up in space…alone…no plumber…and the shitter’s full!!! Not to mention, it’s the only one. Calls have already been made to the residence of Randy Quaid to make the trip up and kick them turds to the curb. Grab your Meister Brau and stogies, don’t forget to shake your hose.

I’m glad I’m not an astronaut. What a load of crap!

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The Springfield Newsleader published a story this morning on a survey taken at MSU on gun control. The study was launched by Dr. Gary Brinker(a former professor of mine…thanks for the ‘A’ doc). The survey was gauging the responses to how people on campus would feel if certain individuals were allowed to carry guns on campus(more layover from Virginia Tech). The survey favored security personnel to be the more comfortable choice with students being the least comfortable choice…big surprise there. You know I’ve seen a lot of the security personnel on campus and I really don’t dig the idea of them handling a gun when they can’t handle their own fitness level. In fact, just seeing that part of the results irked me this morning.

It’s only a penny for my thoughts, but I’ll give you two cents worth, so I’m giving big value here. I am not opposed to students carrying weapons on campus. HOWEVER, There is some criteria that needs to be met:

1. Students should be thoroughly scrutinized in background AND psychological testing.
2. These students are to remain anonymous to the students on campus(taking the Air Marshall approach here).
3. Fitness is a big thing for me lately and I think it should be an issue here.
4. There should be only a certain amount of students allowed into the program so, Criminal Justice majors get priority and even work study compensation. Also, the schedules have to stagger so that way day and evening classes have equal coverage.

I’m very opposed to certain faculty being allowed to carry as I am prone to push the buttons of instructors and well…I’ll just say that there is a lot of criteria that needs to be met before ANYONE is allowed to carry a gun on campus. ALSO, MSU does already have Springfield police officers patrolling regularly on campus and we are very fortunate to have their services offered to us.

I’m sure there may be some people wanting to hand me my ass on this issue, so state your case and let the beatings begin.

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>I have no interest in country music, but when these photos from the CMA awards appeared as a “highlighting” story, I just couldn’t help myself. This first photo you see here is of Carrot Top, who without props, would be about as entertaining as a self-induced hot coffee enema.

Okay Carrot Top, WE GET IT! You are no longer the ugly-as-hell string bean wuss. Instead, you traded in that look for the ugly-as-hell drag queen project gone horribly wrong. Now, how’d he get an invitation to the CMA awards? Also, did he know this was a kind of formal thing(at least as formal as country folk can get)? This photo was taken after someone confirmed to Carrot Top that Kelly Pickler was legal and very drunk.

This next one was another “How the hell did he get a ticket?” guest. This is Don Yates of American Gladiators. Here he must have been wondering what to wear, then asked himself, “What would someone wear if a redneck version of the movie Hellraiser was made?” Brings new meaning to the name Pinhead. Here he sports a pose that shows how he’ll be delivering pizzas once his career as a gladiator is over.

Hey Don, it took more than 30 minutes and all I have is a C-note, better luck next time, asshole. By the way, have you seen Carrot Top’s arms? (Ironically)They happen to be that much bigger than yours now.

Okay, last one and I’ll quit. Here is a photo of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush (I have no freakin’ idea who the hell they are and don’t care).

Tell me if you agree, does his little outfit look as if he were a homeless person that mugged a parking valet for his clothes and the valet was about 6 inches shorter than him? That hat also looks like one of those hats you get at Chuck-E-Cheese for your birthday. This photo happened to be taken as they caught a glimpse of Carrot Top and Don Yates on the carpet.

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>I’m going to take my shot at the “Stupid Quote of the Day”. This is an actual quote from a NY Times article:

“I’m in a bind, I’m really in a bind,” she told the hot-line operator. “There’s a lot of stuff I know, but I didn’t open my mouth. If I weren’t in a bind, I wouldn’t open my mouth.”

If I weren’t in a bind, I wouldn’t open my mouth??? Are you kidding me??? This dumbass from Macon, Ga. had the absolute gaul to ask for reward money A.S.A.P. because she turned in a wrong do’er. This comes as part of a story that concludes with the fact that more crime hotline tips are coming in than ever before…so long as the price is right. What does this say about how people are now-a-days? I couldn’t be more disappointed if I was told my retirement would be solely based on social security.

I know times are tough, but when cash becomes the sole motivator to whether or not you should do the right thing is sad. I can’t help but think of that line in Evan Almighty, “You can change the world. I starts with a random of kindness.” Pretty sad when some of us have to go back to the basics to make even the smallest of improvements.

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As always, say what’s on your mind. Leave it here and don’t let it follow you into next week. Aside from my “temporary” mia culpa of reality TV, I really have nothing to seriously bitch about. The weight is staying off, school is out for summer as well as my grades are keeping me on the Dean’s list(shameless self promotion) and looks like with a cold start, the warm temperatures are close at hand. With that in mind, I add something appropriate to kick off the summer break from none other than the guitar master Joe Satriani. (I also have this as a ringtone)

Summer Song

Also, I have another “New Rule”. “New Kids On the Block” must change their name to “Old Kids On the Block”. The *ehem* performance on the Today show reminded me of a group of guys that won a Karaoke contest, sad.

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