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>The Low Down

>First off today, I went and got the A/C fixed, took 2 1/2 hours. Came home and started organizing my stuff together, washed the car, etc… Then I mowed and trimmed the front and back yards. Somewhere in between doing all this, I ate at some point. Okay, enough of the daily grind fluff.

Now, what I will be trying to accomplish here is to make posts on a daily basis for the next 3 days. During this time, I’ll be hitting some of my old hangouts. You’re going to get the good and the bad of what happens. I’ll tell you right now, I pretty much know my way around Little Rock(and places in between) so, if you need the 4-1-1 on what to do or where to go(and not go), I’ll set ya straight. Hopefully this will work out right, but keep in mind, I’ll be using Alltel’s wireless service as an ISP to take care of all my shit and all I can do is hope for the best.

I remember a time when Rachael Ray did a show that took you around the Rock. Thing is, a lot of these spots were in The Heights and other nice parts of Little Rock. When I saw the list, first thing that popped into my mind was, “You gotta be shittin’ me?!?!” Rachael should have come to me first, I woulda helped her out.



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>By the end of this week, I will finally be getting a bit of a vacation, a mini vacation really. I’ll be heading to Arkansas and in the process, will be taking photos, visiting old hangouts and providing points of interest along the way. I’ve got a LOT of places I haven’t seen in over 5 years and I’m anxious a bit to see how things have changed(I’ve heard things lately) and try to find people I used to hang with. If this turns out the way I hope it does, there will be a Fall edition.



The A/C in my car JUST went out. Fear not, I just got a hold of the guys down at Autocool Radiator & Automotive and they are able to squeeze me in when they open up tomorrow. They’re may not be located in the best part of Springfield, but they do give the best service, they’re quick, they give it to you straight and they don’t treat you like an idiot…unless you’re just asking for it.

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>Just today, my sister decided to immerse herself into the world of blogging. You can check out her first post at The Day Tripper. She’s going to be a future massage therapist and will be, more than likely, talking about what goes on while she’s going through her schooling. This is more of an outlet for her just as this blog is an outlet for me.

So, if you have some spare time, stop by and welcome her to community.

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>When happened upon this tid bit story about Khloe Kardashian’s DWI arrest and actual conviction, I started to think that maybe, just maybe that the law was finally going to start making an about face with the select form of justice it has for the rich and/or famous people. But then after reading that article, I realized that it was all a facade(big shock, I know). I guess they never thought of making a transfer to another facility. This whole thing reminded me of a story that happened to me a very long time ago with a former friend of mine, let me take you back.

As I said, A very long time ago, me and a former “friend” of mine decided to raise some serious hell one night. We were both very drunk and we both did some very stupid things. Eventually, the cops got involved and just like that the party was over. We BOTH got charged with alcohol related crimes as well as him getting an additional charge for being a nuisance. When it came time to face the music, I learned that the judge that presided over my case AND his, threw his charges out before his court appearance. Me, on the other hand, had to face the music and got what was coming to me, no breaks…NONE!

Now, let me give you some background on my “friend”. His dad went to law school a long, long time ago with a former president of ours and oddly enough, so did that same mudda fuggin judge that presided over BOTH of us. His dad made a phone call and got his son’s charges thrown out, but not at any time did I come into the equation.

The moral of this story is this: While both me AND my “friend” had the complexion for the protection, I however didn’t have the clout for the bailout. So when I caught wind of this story, I immediately came back to that moment when I got in a lot of trouble while someone else, just walked away. This is why I state that not only does Khloe Kardashian have the complexion for the protection, eventually they remembered that she had the clout for the bailout. Oh yeah, justice was served, 173 minutes my ass! Now for the fun stuff:

Here’s what I’d like to have happen to Khloe…and her sister

And that “friend” of mine, this is the only thing I ask of him:

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>My best friend Chris and his lovely bride Susan have been married 3 years already. Chris, if you happen upon this, I just wanted to say…


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>Don’t Have GPS?

>If you don’t have one of those nice little units and don’t mind finding your way old school, here’s a site that will get you a map to the state of your choice. Oh, did I mention that they were FREE?!?!


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>That Ain’t Right!

I just realized, I haven’t done this in a long time, so I’m knocking the dust off and putting it back out there. For those who are new to this here’s how it goes: Got something that really pissed you off recently? Wanna share your feelings with the group? Throw it down here and leave it here, walk away a bit more refreshed. Think of it as a rant burial plot. I’ll start. I haven’t had a vacation in almost a year and I REALLY need it. Thanks to the month of June, I got my plans hosed. I will, however, be fixing this in the next 2 weeks as I got something cookin’.

Anybody else got somethin’ to share?

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