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>Yesterday was the first day of school for me and I’ve been a bit preoccupied. Evidently, David Beckham knows preoccupied all too well. I can’t complain too much right now, my Quantum Business Statistics instructor is mucho caliente! I’ll go over her figures ANY day. SOOOOOOOO…:



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>Piss On C.S.I. Miami!!!

It looks as though my favorite M.E. will not be returning to C.S.I. Miami. I heard she was leaving,but I was under the impression that it would be a short stint, especially with Caruso’s departing comment of “that door will always be open.” I don’t care what anybody else thinks, but she was the hottest thing on there, PERIOD! If any of you can look like that at 50, then maybe you MIGHT have an argument. Peep this:

My spirit is crushed right now. I won’t be hearing her say, “Baby” or “Honey”…that always gets me, that voice…I couldn’t be more empty, disgusted and depressed right now if I woke up tomorrow only to find myself lying next to Kathy Bates.

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*Side note: Fuck you, Maury P.

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BEHOLD!!! The place that became the source of my BBQ ire a little over a week ago. This is Buckingham’s BBQ, allegedly the “Worlds Greatest”. Uh, be careful when throwing out claims like that, someone like my self will call you on it and if you disappoint, I WILL fix your logo as you see pictured. I figured one disappointing job deserved another. Yesterday, I took the liberty to except Buckingham’s invitation to give them another shot(now that the whole communication fiasco has been resolved). The result was still a bit of a let down.

Have a nice day? I guess enjoy your meal is out of the question.

I ordered a 1/3 slab of ribs, a count of 4 ribs, but they were a bit generous and they gave me 5. Last time they gave me 6. This is exactly the same order I got last time, including the fries(regular and sweet potato), so I did a redo of my last meal with them. As you can see by this photo, it doesn’t look bad, although I did notice that it could have been trimmed better as there were gristly cartilage still attached and I know they didn’t trim of the underside membrane that most rib aficionados usually do:

As I stated earlier, it could have been trimmed and prepped better as I know they didn’t remove that very thin white membrane that is on the underside of the ribs. Here they left it on and it cooked into the bone. Some smokers(and there are very few of them and they are usually dry rib smokers) say that in doing so it will hold in the moisture, I have a hard time buying that. If you leave it on, you get this ‘consistency of paper’ film on the bottom of the ribs that really doesn’t sit well with me. Here is a look at the underside:

Now for the real test, just how tender were these ribs? They were better, so on a scale of 1-10, I’ll give them a 7. The point here was to see if I could take one finger from each hand and be able to separate one rib from another with the least amount of resistance. This next photo shows how it was fairly easy:

If you notice, there is a hint of the smoke ring, but it’s faint. If you don’t know what a smoke ring is, it’s a layer of pinkish colored meat towards the surface of the meat. It’s a chemical reaction that you get when you cook meat using the low(heat)and slow(time) method. You here this a lot from great pit masters, “Low and Slow.” It is the ONLY way to cook good BBQ, PERIOD. Back to the ribs, there was a bit of resistance but this was CLEARLY better than the last batch I got. I also want to make this clear, they have the BEST FRIES going. I really enjoyed the sweet potato fries, they were awesome. A true test of fries is if you can eat them without wanting ketchup, honey mustard, BBQ sauce, etc…These bad boys were seasoned perfectly(I hate over salted fries). But of course, as always, the sides shouldn’t out do the main part of the dish and again they did.

I did this whole picture show to show proof of my findings rather than giving an angry rant like some old fart nearly getting knocked on his ass by some hyperactive skateboarders. In this case here, I think I clearly busted the “Greatest BBQ” claim made by these people. Are they terrible, NO, but there is better and I will say that I’ve had better at some chain restaurants. If you want an overall score of this place, I give the ribs a generous 7/10, the sides hit the mark, so 10 there. The place was also very clean and smelled great like a BBQ joint should, so 10 there as well. I thought I was VERY generous with my ribs score and I still have some money left on the giftcard that was given to me by management, so I may go back to try their brisket…and MOST DEFINITELY their fries.

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What’s next, used toilet paper, suppositories or Maxi pads??? Get your shit straight folks, that’s just plain…EEEEWWWWWW!!!
If I were them, I’d feel like total dicks right now. I don’t know if proofing makes a vas defrens to them, but it does to me. What a bunch of pricks!

The pun punk card has been thrown, will you dare to prick it up?

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>Blog Roll Call!!!

>Rules of Blog roll
Rule #1: you don’t talk about blog roll
Rule #3: If this is your first time(as a blogger) here at the The Complaints Department, YOU WILL comment.

Every once in a while, I cruise around and find my blog link on someone’s blog roll and I later discover that I haven’t done them in kind on my blog. Just like my blog roll states, it’s equal opportunity. So, if there is anyone out there that has me on their blog roll but you aren’t on mine, please let me know so that I may correct this grave injustice.

That’s how I roll.

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>I don’t know why sportscasters keep coming back to the Brett Favre story, but it’s getting on my damn nerves. So, I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone. First, I don’t know if any of you people remember, but I really have a fondness for despising Jets fans, THEY’RE ANNOYING!!! I find them to be just as annoying as Jeff Gordon fans and as distasteful as seeing a hickey on a hemorrhoid. Now, without any further or due, here’s a summary of what will happen ti Brett Favre’s career in New York as well as what the Jets’ season will look like:

I had a better looking “FAIL” logo, but it seemed too nice, so I went with a crappy spray paint graffiti look instead. I’ll end this with a Jet’s cheer and by the way, it isn’t chanted, J-E-T-S…JETS!!! it’s:


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