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Happy Halloween, May you think of me and this image MANY times today. No “ifs”, “ands” or…”butts”.

Enjoy the Crack O’lantern!


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Here’s how the day started at Worlds of Fun in K.C. Saturday, nice ay? Well, the morning started great, I even had a decent breakfast that I brought along in the form of an Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chocolate chip muffin(that’s not a typo) check it out:

I even had a nice french vanilla cappuccino to boot, sugar high:CHECK. We opened the park at 11:00 and got to our first coaster, The Mamba. I could tell this was going to be a great day, how? Dig this, when we are just about to get on the ride, there’s a view that may cause some people to be a bit alarmed. we saw next to the front car, cordless power tools…huh? See for yourself:

After they get everyone on board, the repair guy comes out from out of the shadows and begins to work on the front car. Me, I’m laughing my ass off at this point and asking the guy in this photo:

“Hey, are you union?” “This isn’t your first day on the job is it?” A few people laughed, others actually looked concerned and actually requested that the man answer the questions. I managed to get a few photos off of the coaster WITHOUT LOSING MY CAMERA(Darius, that was just for you) Check these out:
Here’s a view as we reach the top:

and here’s a look at downtown K.C. as we hit said top of coaster:

After this ride, we sought out other coasters and none of those were in need of concern…at least that’s from my view point. Perhaps this is a good time to mention that it’s not a good idea to bring a camera with you to take pictures off of the roller coaster WHILE IT’S MOVING, right Darius? As a chronic bender of rules for the sake of your viewing pleasure, PLEASE, I am a professional, DO NOT do this on your own(obligation met). Anyway, while strolling through the park that day, I came across WATER RIDES STILL IN OPERATION. People, it’s friggin’ 40 degrees outside and they were running rides that you can get wet, DAMN! I’m crazy, but I ain’t nuts. I didn’t feel like catching pneumonia that day. Don’t take my word for it, look:

I also managed to find what Jim over at Busplunge’s future will be like:

I also found one for the longroofer(yes another hearse):

What could possibly top this day, what could I possibly do that could better than riding in a possibly malfunctioning coaster, dodging pneumonia or suffering the down swing of a sugar high? Well, how about this:

It’s called Rip Cord and MAN IS THIS FREAKING AWESOME!!! I hadn’t had a rush like this since my first stint in college with my test results coming back and hearing they were negative. At 180 feet tall and a swing of about 80 MPH, the only thing more I could ask for was for it to be higher and to swing me faster.

I did manage to get a decent restaurant visit in on this weekend sojourn, but in my weariness, I neglected to get a decent photo of the most awesomely affordable dessert at 54TH Street Bar & Grill. I WAS going to get ribs, but when the guy asked me what I wanted, it came out, “Chicken Strip Basket”, DOH! I did manage to get my hands on that awesome dessert called “The Street’s House Chocolate Cake”. Here’s the best part, IT’S ONLY $1.99!!! This is the best 2 bucks you could EVER spend at a sit down dinner, period.

Sorry this took so long to get out, but a lot has been dumped on me lately and it couldn’t be ignored. It seems as though I have blinked and a week has gone by, literally.

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>First off, I’m still laughing my ass off on what happened just as we hit K.C., more on that later. The trip started off a bit behind schedule as we didn’t get out of town until 4:30, but at least we missed rush hour traffic. The trip is a bit of a buzz kill as we are rollin’ packing 3 chitlins in the back and their Nintendo DS’s. It’s all good because we’re up front listening to various XM radio stations. We weren’t pressed so we’re slow ridin’ up to K.C.

Just so you know, I believe how I have made my feelings known about people who drive slow and just hang in the left lane, not to mention that it is against the law. Well, I have backup from a Missouri state trooper that hauled ass passed us to snag some guy in an Acura, but in the way is some dipshit in a red Accord and even with the trooper on his ass, he still didn’t get over. The trooper goes around him in the right lane and barrels down on that Acura. The trooper then IMMEDIATELY gets out of the car, walks right into the middle of the road and flags down that dumbass in the red Accord. HA!!! That was a treat for the ol’ eyes there.

Around 7:00, we hit south K.C. The chitlins are now hungry and whining(didn’t see that coming). The Day Tripper says to hit the first chain outfit we see. Now, this is the part that gets me to laughing my ass off. We pull into south K.C., if any of you know this area, then you know it’s GHET-TO. I ain’t sayin’ nothin’, it ain’t bothering me. HOWEVER, in the infinite wisdom and foresight of the Day Tripper, she has chosen to wear her Jared Allen Jersey. Just one problem, it’s the NEW Jared Allen jersey from…MINNESOTA! Yeah, she got some strange looks with those colors flyin’. The McD’s we rolled into was smack dab in the middle of this hood and at this point, I’m just smiling. Everyone gets their food, I get my McRibs and the scarfing ensues. As we are eating, police cars are going by at a rate of 1 to every 5 minutes with the lights going and sirens blaring…ah, brings back memories. Day Tripper and husband with chitlins in tow are now wanting to leave for some reason. Just as we are chunking things in the garbage, some guy rolls in while still rolling a blunt, just licking it, putting the final touches on it. At this point we’re leaving the place and I am about to come undone with laughter… I finally did as we leave the parking lot.

This to me is funny as hell. I’m already having fun and we didn’t even hit the park yet, that’ll be tomorrow.


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>Yes, I get another break! This time, instead of hittin’ down south, I’ll be heading to K.C. There, I will be partaking of the sights of Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt. I’ll be hittin’ the rides and hittin’ some top notch junk food. I love theme parks, almost as much as Darius. This will be much like the last time I did this over the summer. I hope to have some good pics of the sights and the food.

Stay Tuned

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>Blogger’s Meeting (and Live Election Blogging)
Patton Alley Pub
Tuesday, November 4, 2008
7 p.m.

Bring your laptops, yourself and bring your ASS! You’ve been notified, clear your schedule.

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Brad Sciullo of Uniontown, Pa. took out this monstrosity of a burger in just under 5 hours! It would take me just under 5 days. And here I thought I was hot shit for killing a half gallon tub of Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream…just to watch it die. I am currently in training(yes, training) to take on the Vermonster in Branson’s new Ben & Jerry’s location. I have been known for being able to inhale food in vast quantities, but after seeing this….DAMN! I can only equate this with that of a guy asking his girlfriend “THAT” question. I’m not sure if I’ll “measure up” to doing something even remotely like this in my life, DAMN!!!

I feel so small right now.

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>Look, I’m just going to make this quick and simple. I don’t care who you are or where you stand, please address the issue in the correct form. It’s not “pro-abortion” it’s “pro-abortion…RIGHTS” I don’t think you’ll find that many people out there lurking in the bushes waiting to victimize a pregnant woman, just because they’re “pro-abortion”. If you did, that’s a sick mother-fucker.

This is just a pet peeve of mine, kind of like the pronunciation rant some time ago.

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