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>Having to hunt for a sales associate to assist you when purchasing an expensive piece of equipment. They should seek you out, not the other way around. Whatever happened to: “May I help you today?”


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>Too Damn Hot!

>Air conditioning shit the bed, house is HOT, the a/c leaked all over the place, we have water damage and the rug smells horrible. On top of that, the insurance company is giving us a hassle over our son’s hospital stay back in March when he was fighting a life threatening illness. I’m exhausted.

Ok. Complaints from me for this evening over. At least on this blog…more later!

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>The Real Thing

>Since I don’t have a TV, I don’t feel the need to watch American Idol and it sounds like those who do aren’t real keen on it anyway.

But in Honor of The Holiday, I submit the following.

Thanks to all who gave the Ultimate for me. And prayers for their families.

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I thought “the” American Idol was a person who was gifted with the set of lungs to belt out any song thrown at him/her. Obviously, it’s one of those “whole package” deals. You gotta have looks, be “All American,” conservative, yadda yadda. In other words….if you are not Greg or Marsha Brady, then you are not going to be America’s next……….IDOL!

I remember when Bo Bice lost out to little Miss Carrie Underwood. Clay Aiken lost to Rueben Studdard. America wants Greg or Marsha Brady. It’s being said that Adam Lambert lost because he appears to be uhhhh…uhhhh….gay. He wears make-up, nail polish, and tends to be on the feminine side.

Adam, clearly had way more talent than Kris. America has come a long way by electing an African American president, but they are still not willing to in any way, shape,or form, accept “Gay America.”

I’m not all for gay rights myself, but geez, this was a flat out, “YOU AIN’T GETTING IT CUZ YOU’RE GAY,” thing. I’m not so sure if I can endure another season of watching and voting for the most talented singer anymore. After all, “Little Miss or Mr. Conservative” is going to win it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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>I woke up in a bad mood, don’t know why, I just did. Then, I was told by the day tripper about Dave Snider getting his super cell ass getting kicked by what looks like a mediocre blond with a soccer mom hairdo from KSPR. Here’s the back ground on this, Alice95 is doing an “Ozarks’ News Hotties” contest and you can vote on your favorite local personality…blah, blah, fucking BLAH. Anyway, you vote on what they have bracketed out and after you vote, you can see how your vote matters as a percent. Well, Dave is getting his ass kicked at a rate of 31% to 69%. Ouch! Look, she ain’t all that and I sure as hell don’t qualify to judge a former male Springfield blogger’s looks, but DAMN! Don’t take my word for it, you be the judge:
Dave Snider

VS. the competition:

So much for the bad mood, hasta la vista ya gloomy fuck! Dave got beat by mediocre blond…I just have to keep saying that. I do this because I care and Dave, I care enough to give you some shit by getting your ass kicked by a mediocre blond.

I am the Complaint Department Manager and I approve this ass kicking of Dave Snider by a mediocre blond.

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>People who vote for beauty over talent.

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I’m damned tired of people who have blogs and set GUIDELINES for the comments they receive. They often say, “It’s MY blog and if you don’t like my post, then stop coming here.”

Basically they are really saying, “Comment the way I WANT you to comment, or don’t come back to MY blog.” Look, why put a post up for the world to read and then be a whiny cry baby when someone doesn’t “buy into” your philosophy?”

People like this are CONTROL FREAKS…..and can kiss my ass. Don’t post controversial things if you don’t want controversial comments. THERE!

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