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I’m just sayin’…


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You have NO idea how many times I have to hear that lame-ass question being asked here in S.W. Missouri. Seriously, the people around here can be such idiots.

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Why am I changing my format? Actually, there are 2 reasons. First, of course, because I can. Second, some of you already know how I post. If it takes more than 30 min to do a post, I lose interest all together.

So, how can I make things easier? Simple, ask a question and see how it sparks thought or conversation. I mean really, how long could it take for me to think and type out a question? Talk about easy. As it states above, after I ask the question, you can talk amongst yourselves about what that question made you think about. Doesn’t matter how you want to discuss.

Keep in mind, I do reserve the right to edit if you are just acting like an inflamed hemorrhoid on the ass of society.



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