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>I gotta tell you people, I live in the Springfield, Mo. area and I have observed a lot of stingy tipping. Those of you who are lousy tippers will probably say, “Well, they get paid by the hour, so…” Look, have you ever been a waiter or waitress? Do you know of anyone who is? Try asking them sometime about their job and the pay that goes with it. I asked a young waitress about how well the tips are for her and she had plenty to say. She nearly cried when she got a tip of $20 from me.
Whether you realize it or not, most servers have a good memory and will remember you the next time you come in. If any of you have seen the movie, “Waiting” you know where I’m going with this. I have always been a good to very good tipper and I do get remembered by servers. They sometimes get into arguements as to who will wait on me and that actually is kinda cool. So, for those of you who wait tables, Id really like to hear you .02 worth on this subject, don’t hold back, this is a great time to let others know how you feel.
-Complaint Department Manager


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